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The Sponsor ID is the Membership ID of the person referring you. It is also called the Referrer’s ID. This is the ID of the person who gets the referrer bonus.

To register, you need a referral and also have a valid pin.
You may buy a pin on our platform and pay via our payment gateway.

Moving from one stage to another requires you completing your matrix for that stage.
For example: leaving the Picking Point Stage requires that you refer 6 people directly and subsequent stages requires that you have 14 of your "Downlines" from your previous stage meet you in your current stage, to complete that stages' matrix.

There is no limit to the amount of account you can register.

Position is the specific point you want to place your downline. For your matrix to be complete at every given stage, you need to balance your legs. Every downline has to be positioned either on the LEFT LEG or RIGHT LEG of the parent. This positioning allows you to choose where to place a particular partner that will complete your matrix.
Our system does automatic placement of downlines on your legs creating a balanced matrix as long as you refer members.

No there is not, if you refer 100 business partners, you will get referrer bonus for each of the business partners.

Referral partners (or RP) is the partner that referred you to join Modern Exponential.

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